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Japanese gardens are a particular favourite amongst home-owners and landscapers in Melbourne. Whether it is a gently flowing creek, a natsume basin, a traditional tea house or an impressive Japanese maple that will form the cornerstone of your garden, we have the landscaping expertise to make sure your Japanese garden lives up to your expectations.

In Japan, the delicate practice of garden making, or landscaping, has been considered as a high art, equivalent to calligraphy and ink painting, for centuries. Traditional Japanese landscapers were renowned for their skillful use of soft, organic forms and natural wood, water and stone features to build gardens of exquisite and peaceful beauty. Today, the dry rock gardens of Buddhist monks and the lush, rural landscaping of the Tea Masters have gained popularity with landscapers in Melbourne and the world over.

Our Melbourne landscaping projects are designed and built with a high attention to detail in order to reproduce as faithfully as possible a tranquil Japanese landscape for your outdoor space. Our landscapers use traditional Japanese gardening techniques to introduce a sense of serenity into any setting, even where space is limited. Your Melbourne Japanese garden, with its many natural turns and curves, could serve as an enchanting and charming miniature world for children to play in. Or, for those with busy lifestyles, our landscapers can build you a Melbourne Japanese garden designed for contemplation and relaxation.

We have designed and constructed Japanese landscaping to our clients' satisfaction in a long list of Melbourne suburbs, including Keysborough, Southbank, Clayton, Caulfield, Brighton, Bayside, Maribyrnong, Camberwell and Balnarring Beach. We offer our landscaping services to even more suburbs throughout Melbourne, including Sandringham, Toorak, Hawthorn, Ivanhoe, South Yarra, Kew, Glen Iris and Ashburton. So if you're interested in creating a unique and serene retreat in your own backyard or office courtyard, contact our landscapers today.