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Creative Uses for Brick in Landscaping

Category: Landscaping

Posted by Adam on 05 Apr, 2012

While many of us see brick as a boring but necessary material in construction and landscaping, there are in fact many ways in which brick can be used creatively to add some extra charm to your landscaping, and at a very low cost! Brick is available in a variety of different colours, all of which give a landscaping project a lovely, homey feel, and is very versatile as it can be used to build walkways, retaining walls and central landscaping features.

Filling Your Native Garden With Wildflowers

Category: Native Gardens

Posted by Adam on 15 Mar, 2012

Living in Australia gives us access to a wealth of attractive and sweet smelling wildflowers for use in our native gardens. By filling your yard with many of the colourful wildflowers that Australia has on offer, you are helping to keep indigenous plants alive and thriving. It is, however, best to use a range of wildflowers that bloom in each season, so that your yard always has colour

What are the Best Plants for Native Gardens?

Category: Landscapers

Posted by Adam on 21 Feb, 2012

Choosing plants carefully for a native garden is very important if you want to design a landscape that is suited to your climate and is also bright, cheerful and attractive. When designing Australian landscapes, many landscapers take the easy but uninspired route of simply filling the space with dull, spiky grasses that are resilient, strong and easy to care for, but look ugly and uninviting.

Top Reasons to Get a Melbourne Landscaper

Category: Landscapers

Posted by Adam on 09 Feb, 2012

If your Melbourne backyard is looking drab and unloved, you might be eager to transform the space with some new plants and garden furniture. While these can be a great start to a revived garden, you might need a few more major changes to really make a difference in your Melbourne backyard.

Do You Need Landscaping In Sandringham?

Category: Landscaping

Posted by Adam on 20 Jan, 2012

Have you ever thought about landscaping the front or back yards (or even both) of your Sandringham home? If you aren’t happy with the appearance of your property, a brand new landscaping design could be just what you’re after. But why would you need to hire a landscaper in Sandringham?