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Top Practical Tips for Good Landscaping

Category: Landscaping

Posted by Adam on 08 May, 2012

If your thumb is anything but green but you still want to build and maintain a delightful outdoor space, then you might benefit from some no-nonsense, super practical tips for good landscaping practices. We have collected just three of our best ideas to make growing a garden a bit easier for the inexperienced.

Ditch the Lawn : If your landscaping maintenance is giving you a headache, it makes sense to reconsider the largest and most demanding element of your garden, which is in many cases the lawn that is looking a little more scraggly and yellow than luscious and green. There are many beautiful landscaping alternatives to the standard grass lawn, which will make your home look much more original and unique.

Go Native : One of the most common problems in landscaping encountered by the casual gardener, namely plants dying or failing to thrive for seemingly no reason at all, is caused by the gardener trying to force a plant to grow in an environment it simply isn't designed for. For instant and easy satisfaction in your landscaping, it makes much more sense to choose a variety of striking native plants.
Light it Up : All good landscaping designs contain a number of different elements, including plants, furniture, walkways, sheltering structures and more. One easy way to bring your garden design up a level is to install some lighting to make the space perfect for a wild party, relaxed family dinner or intimate gathering. When installing lighting you should consider how your landscaping connects to and works with the rest of your home, in order to make a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors.

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