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Landscaping For Homes That Need A Renovation

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Posted by Adam on 12 Sep, 2013

If you are thinking about selling a home that needs a little work done (more commonly known as a 'renovator'), you might be wondering how much work you should actually do before putting it on the market. Sometimes, it isn't about increasing the value of the property but making the package easier to sell. And, if the whole property is a dump, this won’t be easy.

  • Not Livable – If the house is such a desperate need for a renovation that it simply cannot be lived in at the moment, there really is no point investing any time and money into the landscaping. Your best bet will be to have some extension plans drawn up.
  • Livable Condition – If the house is in a livable condition but it is likely that the new owners will renovate after a year or two, you should give the garden a good tidy and perhaps establish a key area (such as blocking out the neighbours house).
  • Fully Renovated – If you have just completed a renovation on the home and want to sell, then you will really need to tackle the landscaping. The buyers of these properties will likely not want to do any improvements and will expect everything to be finished.

Once you have determined the type of renovation project that you are dealing with, it should be easy to work out what sort of landscaping you should do. No matter what type you are dealing with, however, street appeal will be vital in helping you to sell and get a good price. Make sure the home has an appealing frontage that speaks to buyers.


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