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How to Achieve Mediterranean Style Landscaping Melbourne

Category: Landscaping

Posted by Adam on 14 Jun, 2012

If you love a sun drenched and relaxed look for your home and garden, a Mediterranean style design is probably the best choice for your backyard. But how can you introduce a windswept and coastal feel to your suburban home? The key to success lies in choosing the most appropriate Mediterranean plants for your local climate, and implementing a space design evocative of a Tuscan Villa or Ancient Greek village.

To make sure that a Mediterranean design doesn't look too out of place in your garden, you should try to accentuate any typical Mediterranean features in your architecture, such as stucco walls, red roof tiles and arched doorways. While your house may not be obviously inspired by the Greek islands, it will probably have some classic features you can use to your advantage in your Melbourne landscaping.

You can use your plant choices to complement your architecture by situating flowering shrubs, ground covering plants, and climbing vines to encircle the house. If you have any balconies or porches you can extend your Melbourne landscaping to a vertical level, using hanging plants and drooping vines to evoke the gardens of the Mediterranean.

Getting the colours and materials right is also essential to achieving an authentically Mediterranean look for your Melbourne landscaping. For a classic Spanish look, restrain your choices to crisp whites and brilliant blues, coupled with a healthy amount of rich terracotta and sun bleached stonework. Once you have these classic colours in place, you can work in a selection of your favourite colourful plants, such as citrus trees, bougainvillea and flowering sage.


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