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How do Landscapers Use Lighting?

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Posted by Adam on 12 Apr, 2012

Lighting is one of the most essential tools of a landscaper, although it is often a hidden and subtle feature of a finished garden design. Landscapers use lighting to transform a garden from a simple planting scheme to a lifestyle changing space. A landscaper's careful placement of lighting can make pockets of the garden more accessible, add extra warmth and interest to an entertainment area and improve the general atmosphere of the space.

Landscapers choose lighting carefully to provide an unobtrusive yet striking effect on a garden. Landscapers often choose from a wide selection of lighting options such as traditional styled street lamps, which are useful for illuminating driveways and pathways, Mercury lamps of a greenish white colour to imitate moonlight and small yellowish orange party lights.

Landscapers often work with professional lighting companies to achieve the best possible illumination effect in a garden. This collaboration is often necessary to prevent any electrical faults and lighting misjudgements brought about by a lack of knowledge on the part of the landscaper. Lighting businesses will be able to advise on issues such as efficiency and range of visibility.

One popular technique currently used by gardeners is to install lighting at low areas in the garden to create gentle pools of light. This counteracts the garish quality that upward pointing lights and bright lamps can have on a natural landscape. Many landscapers are in favour of using subtle and muted lighting in private gardens to encourage an intimate setting. These electric or solar lights installed by your landscaper can later be complemented by candles or lanterns for festive occasions.


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