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Creating Beautiful Contemporary Gardens in Autumn

Category: Contemporary Gardens

Posted by Adam on 19 Apr, 2012

Is your contemporary garden looking a bit lacklustre after the spring and summer bloom? Outdoor landscapes should be enjoyed all year round, so it is worth learning some techniques to use in the autumn and winter to keep your contemporary garden looking fresh and vibrant. Whether you have a native landscape with a geometric design, an architecturally minded courtyard or a resort styled landscape, there are plenty of things you can do in autumn to improve your space.

  • Water Wise
    As the weather cools down and rain levels increase you can relax on the watering regime of your contemporary garden. In fact, it is important to avoid over watering your plants as your landscape could get waterlogged during a large downfall of rain.
  • Gorgeous Greens
    Autumn is the time to amp up the vibrant green in your contemporary garden. Give extra care to all large leaved and textured plants to give your space a luscious and interesting look.
  • Wintry Wonders
    While you are enjoying the autumnal feel of your contemporary garden, you might want to think ahead to consider how you will use your space in the winter. To make your landscape more accessible, comfortable and appealing you could install an outdoor space heater and plush, durable seating and cushions.
  • Vegie Versions
    If your outdoor space includes a vegie patch, now is the time to renew the mulch, turn over the soil and plant new vegetables for next spring. If your space is more decorative than productive, remember that vegetable and herb plants can be fitted into even the most compact, modern spaces.

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