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Creating Beautiful Contemporary Gardens in Autumn

Category: Contemporary Gardens

Posted by Adam on 19 Apr, 2012

Is your contemporary garden looking a bit lacklustre after the spring and summer bloom? Outdoor landscapes should be enjoyed all year round, so it is worth learning some techniques to use in the autumn and winter to keep your contemporary garden looking fresh and vibrant.

How do Landscapers Use Lighting?

Category: Landscapers

Posted by Adam on 12 Apr, 2012

Lighting is one of the most essential tools of a landscaper, although it is often a hidden and subtle feature of a finished garden design. Landscapers use lighting to transform a garden from a simple planting scheme to a lifestyle changing space. A landscaper's careful placement of lighting can make pockets of the garden more accessible, add extra warmth and interest to an entertainment area and improve the general atmosphere of the space.

Creative Uses for Brick in Landscaping

Category: Landscaping

Posted by Adam on 05 Apr, 2012

While many of us see brick as a boring but necessary material in construction and landscaping, there are in fact many ways in which brick can be used creatively to add some extra charm to your landscaping, and at a very low cost! Brick is available in a variety of different colours, all of which give a landscaping project a lovely, homey feel, and is very versatile as it can be used to build walkways, retaining walls and central landscaping features.